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Do you have a client with gutter problems??


In today's new build market 90% of single skin/composite gutter systems are specified as membrane coated steel, whether it be our WeatherFAST /Fatra coated steel or any of our competitors, without a doubt membrane coated steels are the choice materials for gutter systems.

From this we developed or WeatherFOLD gutter liner, why would you want anything else? a material so heavily specified in the new build market but nothing quite like it in the refurb market.

Our system has been developed to fold with ease into any existing gutter and once welded the system becomes seamless allowing water to flow freely towards outlets, with a steel base the liner can be heavily trafficked and easily maintained by simply brushing out.


All products and systems come with a standard 25 year Guarantee.

We can even provide a sample to suit the gutter required for you to try before an official order is placed.

Introducing the WeatherFOLD gutter system

Why WeatherFOLD?

  • Our bespoke gutter lining system comes in 3000mm lengths

  • Built in 75mm end lap

  • Single heat weld joint detail which allows for

  • expansion and contraction

  • As many hinges as you like 

  • 0.6mm steel base

  • Fully backed by Fatra UK

  • Can be heavily trafficked

  • High impact resistance

WeatherFOLD approved installers attend a full day course held at our premises covering all areas to fit the system.


Our training is backed by Fatra UK Ltd.

Please contact our WeatherFAST training team for a list of APPROVED Installers.

Call 0843 658 0074

Or email

The certificates from the BBA bring together a number of tests including physical performance and fire resistance and certify the product is ‘fit for purpose’.  In the case of Fatra the BBA has given a life expectancy of in excess of 30 years.

Guaranteed Service


Our system extends the working and service life of any gutter system, as high performance stabilised PVC ensures corrosion of the weather face of gutter is eliminated. This also means that low levels of maintenance and minimal remedial repairs are required once installed, the PVC lined system offers a sustained waterproofing service for 30 years.


This guarantee is backed by Fatra UK  


WeatherFOLD system, Quick, simple & easy for any gutter refurbishment and can also be used on new projects.


Designed for use on commercial and industrial gutter systems, Fatra 1.2 mm PVC, bonded to a 0.6 mm steel substrate, available upto 1500 mm wide x 3000 mm lengths with a built in 75 mm end lap.


Our WeatherFOLD gutter system offers a 25 year guarantee         

   1...... 2...... 3......                                   

      Simple steps to your perfect leak free, relined gutter


Why Fatra Membrane?

  • 25 year guarantee

  • BBA in excess of 30 years

  • 1.2mm membrane with an anti-slip chequer plate tread pattern

  • One of the UK’s leading suppliers of single ply membrane

What we offer

  • Free drainage calculations

  • Full range of bespoke accessories

  • Training centre based in the West Midlands      

  • Delivery within 7 working days

We also offer a full range of accessories

  • 150 mm x 40 m Joint Strap

  • Internal Fatra Pads

  • External Fatra Pads

  • Fatra Chequer Patches

  • Rainwater Outlets

  • Leaf Guards

  • Stopends

  • Leister Heat Welding Kit

  • 10 mm Sole Board

  • Weir Overflow

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